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Aug 28, 2018

Clark Sell @csell5 sits down with Ross Larson @rosslarsonwi software developer at WTS Paradigm to talk about Google’s Go (Golang). Live at #THATConference 2018, Ross and Clark start with exploring what Golang is, how Ross got started with Golang, and why we might want to paying attention to it.


More about Golang:


Ross’s Bio:

Ross became a software developer through the nontraditional path of obtaining a double major in Psychology and French from Luther College. He later obtained a software development degree from Fox Valley Technical College.  He works as a Software Developer for WTS Paradigm in Middleton, WI.  He is a veteran of several hackathons, barcamps, and startup weekends.  He enjoys retro video games, board games, the NFL Draft, creating obscure fantasy leagues, and making charts. 

You can find Ross at:

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