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Apr 28, 2018

In this ver. @csell5 talks to @erikalanguirand about learning, then teaching and right back to learning again. Our industry is constantly changing and at times you can just feel like a professional rookie, but are you?


Erika Carlson is the Director of Training & Development at Detroit Labs, where she blends her love of programming with her passion for helping others grow. Erika was studying psychology in 2011 when she wrote her first line of Python code. She fell in love with programming, decided to change paths, and became a software developer. Since then she has built enterprise software, created websites for nonprofits, and worked on mobile applications with millions of users, as well as training dozens of software developers through Detroit Labs's innovative Developer Apprentice Program. Erika is passionate about the power of technology to drive positive change in the world. She loves writing code, bourbon ice cream, listening to people, and those "light bulb" moments when someone learns to see things differently.


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