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May 18, 2018

In this ver. @csell5 talks to @matthewmcnew about software team culture. Does the team dynamic really influence the outcome of a product?  Pro-tip, of course it does.


Matthew is a software engineer at Pivotal Labs. You can find more about Matthew here:


GitHub - 

Twitter -

May 15, 2018

In this ver. @csell5 talks to @dahlbys about code and kids. We explore the current state of computer science in schools, the effects of and just riff about kids.

Samantha Dahlby is a recovering software engineer with passions for public transportation, kids, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and...

May 10, 2018

In this ver. @csell5 talks to @saragibby about women. This is just the start of many conversations to come about supporting women in tech, fostering a better workplace and community.

Sara has 20 years in software engineering worked across the county, different industries as employee and consultant. Once leader of a Girl...

May 9, 2018

In this ver. @csell5 talks to @faziodev about the current state of ai assistants. Really, how different are these platforms, are they even useful yet, dare we say smart? Will they ever be? Warning, mute Alexa or toilet paper will be purchased.

Fazio is a Senior Software Engineer with Skyline Technologies, where he helps...

May 4, 2018

In this ver. @csell5 talks with @docondev about software teams, company culture and it’s effect on delivery.

Doc Norton is a software delivery professional working to make the world of software development a better place. His experience covers a wide range of development topics. Doc declares expertise in no single...