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Apr 30, 2018

In this ver. @csell5 talked with @ashleydzick about UX accessibility. We’re not just talking high contrast but how can we make ourselves more accessible to one another. Oh and bootstrap.

Ashley Dzick is a UX Designer hailing from Milwaukee. She works as a college lecturer at MSOE and as a UX consultant with companies...

Apr 28, 2018

In this ver. @csell5 talks with @alzaudtke about the clouds, functional programming, and with sprinkles of good ole software development.


Al is an Architect at J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. with over 15 years of experience working with subscription based web applications. Primarily I work on web applications...

Apr 28, 2018

In this ver. @csell5 talks to @erikalanguirand about learning, then teaching and right back to learning again. Our industry is constantly changing and at times you can just feel like a professional rookie, but are you?


Erika Carlson is the Director of Training & Development at Detroit Labs, where she blends her love...

Apr 26, 2018

In this #AskTHAT, I talk to Brian Contos, CISO of Verodin and we dive into cybersecurity. No MOAR excuses, we have to take an active role in our securing our applications. 


Brian has over two decades of experience in the security industry. He is a seasoned executive, board advisor, security company entrepreneur and...

Apr 25, 2018

In this show I talk with close friend Keith Casey. Keith is in love with APIs and the security around them and while our conversation starts with API’s it finishes with the dumpster fire around security and our responsibilities as a developer today.

Keith Casey currently serves on the Platform Team at Okta working on...